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We are a family oriented fitness gym and martial arts school offering personal training, taekwondo classes, group cardio, kids programs and more!!   

Our taekwondo classes are all ages and all ranks allowing for parents to take with their kids or for anyone to start at any time and still be in the same classes as their family member.  
We, along with our students, are just like a big family so it's never long before our white belts feel like they are a part of the group making classes as much of a social outlet as they are to learn martial arts and get a great workout. 

Having said that, martial arts is not for everyone.  An ability to stick to it even when things get tough or frustrating and persevere through struggle are things that you will need to have. But the benefits such as developing confidence, discipline and courage to face anything will be the rewards of your hard work. 

We welcome you to our school and hope to learn as much from you as you learn from us.!!
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